Winter Boat Covers

After divesting itself of their winter storage business in 1991, Fisher and Sons returned to the market in 2003. Spending three years of modifying different versions, a new model of winter boat cover was launched to go along with the tried and true Canvas Winter Storage Cover. Using an industrial Vinyl and a heavy grade Poly, an economical and lightweight cover was developed. With half the weight and approximately 60% of the cost of the canvas cover, the Vinyl/Poly Cover has steadily gained a presence in the winter boat cover market. In the few years that it has been on the market the Vinyl/Poly Cover is covering boats from Connecticut to Maryland.

Though the Canvas and the Vinyl/Poly cover are both fabricated with the same "panel and section" method, there are many differences. Please see our FAQ for more information

MATERIAL 10oz Treated Canvas 10oz Vinyl / 6.5 oz Poly
FIT Tight and Firm Firm with some play
(Canvas will shrink while vinyl and poly will not)
DURABILITY 10+ Years 6 - 8 Years
(If used and cared for properly)
EASE OF USE Heavy 2-4 people Light 1-2 people
(Depending on the size of the boat)
PERFORMANCE Excellent Satisfactory
COST $45.00--$100.00 per foot $25.00 - $55.00 per foot
  • COVER CHARACTERISTICS Canvas and Vinyl/Poly Covers
  • COVERAGE: Everything topside Down to the waterline.
  • STRESS POINTS: Reinforced at key wear points, such as transom, windshield, Hardtop and bow area.
  • HOLD DOWNS: Webbing loops every 5 - 6 feet with draw rope around bottom of cover. Grommet lace strip at bow. The Vinyl/Poly cover has Additional hold down rings along front of bow rail.
  • ACCESS: A zipper or double zipper door are available as an option to be placed where requested.
  • SUPPORT: Sleeves for 2 x 4s or vertical pole pockets are placed where needed. It is recommended that larger boats with canvas covers be framed.
  • ACCESSORY COVERAGE: Radars, GPSs and TV antenna are covered with Individual pouches attached to cover. Outboard Motors can be covered or left uncovered. Outriggers and towers can be accommodated.
  • INSTALLATION: Instructions are provided with each cover along with a list of What will be needed to install the cover such as 2 x 4 lengths And number of vertical supports.
  • MEASURING: Fisher and Sons measures each boat to insure proper fit of the Cover and exact location of any accessory.
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year for fit and workmanship. H F Fisher and Sons reserves The right to insure proper installation of cover.
  • If you already had a cover you would not have to pay your shrinkwrap guy this winter

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